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Amazing Guild Race Result!

First Guild: No winners

Biggest Guild:
Coerce- 31
Lord_of_Elementals – 28

lnfinitus Luminarium™ – 19
Demented – 13
[email protected]@n_† – 1
`Herculians – 3
Astral Rüina – 2
Alliance -2
HeIl – 1
Armed N’ Loaded – 2

Coerce – Php 20,000 Guild EB package and set of Godly Items (Megingjard and Mjolnir)
Lord_of_Elementals – Php 10,000 Guild EB package and set of Godly Items (Brysinggamen and Sleipnir)

In-game items will be inserted on or before Jan 14, 2009

For Guild EB Package please email [email protected] for your plan date for your eb.

Source : http://ragnaboards.levelupgames.ph/index.php?showtopic=131241&pid=3070008&st=0&#entry3070008


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