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Official Annoucement of Winners – Amazing Guild Race

Who Won The 20k Eb Package And Godly Equips?, Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race winners
Heroes of New Chaos,

Finally, after more than 1 month of grinding, dead branch battle and guilds’ extraordinary efforts, the biggest guild race in Philippine Ragnarok online history touches the finish line.

Who deserves the title as the Biggest Guild and will bring home Godly items Megingjard and Mjolnir plus a cool 20K guild EB package?

Congratulations to

Coerce and its 30 extension guilds (level 20) for winning the “The Biggest Guild Category”

and to Lord_of_Elementals for giving Coerce a very fierce competition with 27 extensions to win the First Runner-up title and bring home 1 Sleipnir, 1 Brysinggamen and a cool 10K guild EB package.

Kudos to Infinitus Luminarium (with 19 guilds) and Demented (13 guilds) for their great efforts.

To all guilds and guild leaders who participated in the Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race, thank you very much and GET READY for 2009’s Race to 99 and the Endless Legacy! Are you ready for the Ascension and the 3rd Job? Stay tuned!

Source  : http://ragnaboards.levelupgames.ph/index.php?showtopic=131401&pid=3073621&st=0&#entry3073621

Congrats again guys!

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