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About Coerce



Our guild name comes from the Latin coercēre which means to control or restrain. To coerce is to restrain or to dominate by force. Coercion, in this light, may serve as a form of justification for a conclusion in a non-logical argument.

Our guild emblem signifies the unity between the three servers: Baldur, Freya and Tyr. The colors red and orange symbolize the fire of our passion for the guild. The color red, furthermore, signifies courage and sacrifice even in the face of danger and uncertainties. The figure is a face of a dragon which serves as a symbol for independence, leadership, strength and most importantly, wisdom. In totality, the red dragon stands for fierceness against negative entities.

Our guild is basically a merger between guilds and players coming from all the three servers, Baldur, Freya, and Tyr. The server merge brought about late last year gave rise to the creation of this young guild and the formation of this new alliance and bond that is growing stronger as we get to know each new face and each new character in our group. Despite our differences, we have one common goal and one common light of path to follow. We move as one and we embrace new challenges.


Early Achievements:

·         Biggest Guild Winner in the Amazing Guild Race Event held from November 16 to December 22, 2008 bagging the grand prize, Godly Items Mjolnir and Meginjard as well as a Guild EB package worth 20,000php.

·         First guild to break an agit’s Emperium during the first siege of New Chaos last November 20, 2008.

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