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Guild in focus – Coalescence


Coerce, as a young guild, is the combination of several guilds coming from the three merged servers last November 2008. Although we take much pride and joy in being a part of our new guild, we also hold utmost respect and humility in being members of our former guilds as well. As such, we would like to pay tribute to each of the guilds that have brought us to where we are today. 

The following entries will be a series of guild profiles defining and assigning our former guilds with the merits that they deserve. 

To start off, here is for Chaos/Baldur’s Coalescence.



Coalescence – For they fear

The name Coalescence came from the Latin coalescere which means to grow. It means unity or to unite into a whole for a common end.

 Established in August 2005 through the merging of two guilds – Bisdak and Nihil Metus, Coalescence was a guild in Philippine Ragnarok Online – Chaos/Baldur Server. Coalescence was widely known for its strong presence in War of Emperium sieges and being the last Chaos Server Champion in Ragnarok Philippine Championship in 2006. Its rosters hailed not only in Manila, but all across the Philippines and some parts of the world.

The guild was primarily composed of former guild members of Bisdak, Civitas Dei, G-Rules, Nihil Metus, Project Mayhem, Supreme Gods and some members of Roughnecks and Zero Gravity. It functioned without a main guild or a main gm, with a maximum of 4 guilds. Coalescence sieges were all about 3 F’s – fight, fun and most importantly, friendship. 


·         2006 RPC Chaos Server Champions, RPC Overall 2nd runner-up, #1 Agit Lords score in pRO

·         2007 1st guild to create Godly item in Baldur, Maya Purple siege series winner, Tao Gunka siege series winner, spearheaded ITLOGS faction, 6-Time BTA Champions

·         2008 Ring of Flame Lord event winner, spearheaded the ABC-EGGS faction,  RPC Regionals Finalist – NCR, First in pRO to acquire 2 Megjingards in a span of two days – LEGIT.


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  1. bartbartz 10/02/01

    as a former member of Roughnecks and G-rules and also Coalesence.. man! i miss thise times during woe!!! more power guys!!!

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