Coerce EB

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What: Coerce Grand EB|Get-together Partee

When: January 17, 2009 | 8pm onwards (after dinner)

Where: Toyz Cafe, Palanca St., Makati (near greenbelt 1)

* There will be a fee of 200php as an addition to the 20k Guild EB prize from the Amazing Guild Race LU! Event (since we are certain that 20k will not cover the expenses for a guild our size).

What food to expect in the EB:

Pork Sisig
Toyz Platter (buffalo wings, wedges etc)
Potato Wedges
Cheese Sticks
Peanuts heh.gif

*Anything that’s not on the list will not be shouldered by our event budget. So KKB yung oorderin nyo na wala sa list na yan. heh.gif

With regards to the venue, the entire inside area of the bar is reserved exclusively for our group. But, we are free to occupy the space outside

About the drinks, both beer (for guys and gals) and iced tea (for non-alcoholics only! 24.gif) are available, so sa mga hindi umiinom ng beer, wag kayo magworry. Haha.

Please dress appropriately for the event. There’s a possibility that our event will be televised care-off the Toyz channel, and also, the event will probably be covered by Level-up rin. So, dress accordingly para maganda tayo lahat sa pictures and/or videos. 24.gif

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Guild in focus – Coalescence

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Coerce, as a young guild, is the combination of several guilds coming from the three merged servers last November 2008. Although we take much pride and joy in being a part of our new guild, we also hold utmost respect and humility in being members of our former guilds as well. As such, we would like to pay tribute to each of the guilds that have brought us to where we are today. 

The following entries will be a series of guild profiles defining and assigning our former guilds with the merits that they deserve. 

To start off, here is for Chaos/Baldur’s Coalescence.



Coalescence – For they fear

The name Coalescence came from the Latin coalescere which means to grow. It means unity or to unite into a whole for a common end.

 Established in August 2005 through the merging of two guilds – Bisdak and Nihil Metus, Coalescence was a guild in Philippine Ragnarok Online – Chaos/Baldur Server. Coalescence was widely known for its strong presence in War of Emperium sieges and being the last Chaos Server Champion in Ragnarok Philippine Championship in 2006. Its rosters hailed not only in Manila, but all across the Philippines and some parts of the world.

The guild was primarily composed of former guild members of Bisdak, Civitas Dei, G-Rules, Nihil Metus, Project Mayhem, Supreme Gods and some members of Roughnecks and Zero Gravity. It functioned without a main guild or a main gm, with a maximum of 4 guilds. Coalescence sieges were all about 3 F’s – fight, fun and most importantly, friendship. 


·         2006 RPC Chaos Server Champions, RPC Overall 2nd runner-up, #1 Agit Lords score in pRO

·         2007 1st guild to create Godly item in Baldur, Maya Purple siege series winner, Tao Gunka siege series winner, spearheaded ITLOGS faction, 6-Time BTA Champions

·         2008 Ring of Flame Lord event winner, spearheaded the ABC-EGGS faction,  RPC Regionals Finalist – NCR, First in pRO to acquire 2 Megjingards in a span of two days – LEGIT.

About Coerce

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Our guild name comes from the Latin coercēre which means to control or restrain. To coerce is to restrain or to dominate by force. Coercion, in this light, may serve as a form of justification for a conclusion in a non-logical argument.

Our guild emblem signifies the unity between the three servers: Baldur, Freya and Tyr. The colors red and orange symbolize the fire of our passion for the guild. The color red, furthermore, signifies courage and sacrifice even in the face of danger and uncertainties. The figure is a face of a dragon which serves as a symbol for independence, leadership, strength and most importantly, wisdom. In totality, the red dragon stands for fierceness against negative entities.

Our guild is basically a merger between guilds and players coming from all the three servers, Baldur, Freya, and Tyr. The server merge brought about late last year gave rise to the creation of this young guild and the formation of this new alliance and bond that is growing stronger as we get to know each new face and each new character in our group. Despite our differences, we have one common goal and one common light of path to follow. We move as one and we embrace new challenges.


Early Achievements:

·         Biggest Guild Winner in the Amazing Guild Race Event held from November 16 to December 22, 2008 bagging the grand prize, Godly Items Mjolnir and Meginjard as well as a Guild EB package worth 20,000php.

·         First guild to break an agit’s Emperium during the first siege of New Chaos last November 20, 2008.

Official Annoucement of Winners – Amazing Guild Race

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Who Won The 20k Eb Package And Godly Equips?, Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race winners
Heroes of New Chaos,

Finally, after more than 1 month of grinding, dead branch battle and guilds’ extraordinary efforts, the biggest guild race in Philippine Ragnarok online history touches the finish line.

Who deserves the title as the Biggest Guild and will bring home Godly items Megingjard and Mjolnir plus a cool 20K guild EB package?

Congratulations to

Coerce and its 30 extension guilds (level 20) for winning the “The Biggest Guild Category”

and to Lord_of_Elementals for giving Coerce a very fierce competition with 27 extensions to win the First Runner-up title and bring home 1 Sleipnir, 1 Brysinggamen and a cool 10K guild EB package.

Kudos to Infinitus Luminarium (with 19 guilds) and Demented (13 guilds) for their great efforts.

To all guilds and guild leaders who participated in the Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race, thank you very much and GET READY for 2009’s Race to 99 and the Endless Legacy! Are you ready for the Ascension and the 3rd Job? Stay tuned!

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Congrats again guys!

Amazing Guild Race Result!

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First Guild: No winners

Biggest Guild:
Coerce- 31
Lord_of_Elementals – 28

lnfinitus Luminarium™ – 19
Demented – 13
[email protected]@n_† – 1
`Herculians – 3
Astral Rüina – 2
Alliance -2
HeIl – 1
Armed N’ Loaded – 2

Coerce – Php 20,000 Guild EB package and set of Godly Items (Megingjard and Mjolnir)
Lord_of_Elementals – Php 10,000 Guild EB package and set of Godly Items (Brysinggamen and Sleipnir)

In-game items will be inserted on or before Jan 14, 2009

For Guild EB Package please email [email protected] for your plan date for your eb.

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